Perrfect Harmony is the ultimate cross stitch kit for cat lovers.  It depicts the cutest grey pussy-cat staring into its owner's eyes whilst adorably clutching a cream rose.


The cross stitch pattern is printed directly onto the Aida so it is very easy to follow.  The Aida is 11 CT - meaning there are 11 holes in the fabric per inch - making it possible to produce a sizeable cross stitch piece of craft (30x30cm) in a relatively short time!  Very satisfying...


The kit contains: 

  • printed 11 CT Aida (30x30 cm)
  • vibrantly coloured DMC numbered threads
  • instructions
  • sewing kit including needle, scissors, thimble, unpicker

Perrfect Harmony: Printed Cross Stitch Kit 11CT 30x30cm

SKU: MEI-002
  • The pattern on the aida is water soluable - so dont get the fabric wet!

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