7 Steps to make a Cross Stitch Christmas Card

Everyone loves receiving a handmade card. So why not make a card for your next cross stitch project. It's simple to do and very satisfying to do something that will be appreciated so much on a special day!

Follow the 7 steps below to find out how easy it is to do to make a wonderful card for a loved one.

1. Gather together everything you need. You can get these from a local hobby shop or from

a. A suitable cross stitch pattern, with threads, needles and aida fabric

b. An open aperture card with envelope, ideally a 2 fold card.

(Otherwise you will need some felt or other material for backing.)

c. Double-sided sticky tape

TIP: Make sure the stitched part of the pattern will fit nicely within the aperture or the window of the card before starting!

2. Cut the aida fabric so that it is at least 15mm larger than the aperture or window in the card. This extra fabric will be needed to stick the fabric to the card. Being a slightly cautious soul, I double check it fits within the card snuggly.

3. If you don't have a two fold card: cut the felt to be the same size and shape as the aida fabric.

4. Now for the fun part - start stitching the pattern onto your aida fabric.

If this is your first project - there are some helpful tips and instructions available

TIP: The back of the fabric doesn't need to be neat, although some stitchers pride themselves on this, (I don't/can't), but please try to keep the stitching on the back within the perimeter of the front of the pattern. This will prevent any stitching showing through the aida holes on the background of the finished card.

5. Using the double sided sticky tape, tape around the cut out window on the back of the card blank. Take the completed cross stitch and lay it flat on the sticky tape.

TIP: Just tape down one side of the aida fabric first - so that you can easily make any minor adjustments on positioning of the pattern in the aperture frame. When you are happy, stick down the other three sides.

6. Using some more double sided sticky tape, tape around the aida fabric on the back of the completed cross stitch and stick down the card to cover the back of the pattern.

If you don't have a 2 fold card, stick the backing fabric on to cover the stitching. All done!

7. Now fill in your card with some heartfelt greetings and go retro - pop it in the post to a loved one!

Live in the moment - cross stitch

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