About Us

Simply Cross Stitch is an online store dedicated to selling high quality, comprehensive cross stitch kits.  We aim to make it simple to find the right kit for your next cross stitch hobby project , buy  it and get it delivered quickly and in an ecologically friendly manner.  


There is a wide range of designs and contemporary patterns to choose from including homemade designs which can be personalised with names, dates and special messages. 

We want to satisfy all of your cross stitch needs and will listen to your suggestions for new kits and any additional needlecraft paraphernalia to optimise your crafting enjoyment. 

The Story behind Simply Cross Stitch

2020 - we have all experienced dramatic changes in our lives.

Looking back although it didn’t feel like it at the time, I was lucky to go into lock down with my youngest son, in a rental home away from the rest of the family so that we could shield together away from coronavirus. 


Knowing that I might get bored by watching TV and endless other types of screen activity, before I left I found a cross stitch kit that had been gathering dust in the back of a cupboard waiting for a day when I had enough time and motivation to do it.

During the lockdown I did eventually start it - and what a fantastic revelation it was!  On and off I have tried to get into mindfulness but have found it quite difficult to free my mind to be just in the moment: it just didn’t feel like it was being very productive…  But with this cross stitch project - I was concentrating on counting stitches and my mind just couldn't cope with thinking about anything else.  It was a truly relaxing experience.

So I'd like to share with you the chance to be liberated from the hustle and bustle of a stressful life by doing your own cross stitch projects.

Everything is included in the kit so there is no need to do any preparation work that can put you off from diving in to do something new!

I hope you will find that you enjoy cross stitch as much as I do.